OnHold.co.uk one of the UK’s leading audio marketing providers, with 85% of businesses who use them saying that they would or already have recommended OnHold.co.uk to others. On average, a company will put callers on hold for a total of 3 weeks a year and today callers are destined to spend up to 14 months of their life on hold. On Hold recognises that when customers call a business, the whole experience can often be frustrating and stressful. Richard Eva, Sales and Marketing Director of Advitel, On Hold’s parent company, commented: “People are willing to hold for longer if they are being engaged with relevant information.  Entertain, inform and engage, are crucial parts of the customer experience”. On Hold believes that, while silence is not an option and merely listening to music is not the best way to combat it, the right combination of music and speech can boost the morale of customers and lead to improved sales. In light of this, OnHold.co.uk offers a personalised service including: scriptwriting, professional voiceovers, clear, high quality audio, quick access to your business’ playlist, and the option of submitting messages directly to the in-house production team. For more information visit http://onhold.co.uk/.