Oncotelic is developing TGF- β2 antisense as immunotherapy against pancreatic, melanoma, and glioblastoma. IL-8 spike was predictive of TGF β2 immunotherapy probably due to its potentiation of the cytokine storm during immunotherapy. IL-8 spike during 1st cycle of therapy is associated with improved overall survival in pancreatic cancer patients treated with Trabedersen/OT-101 - above and beyond those seen with current treatments.

Oncotelic is part of Autotelic consortium of companies focusing on late stage drug development.  Autotelic works through partners to transform how medications are being delivered. The Autotelic Inc. platform is aTherapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) device which allows PK guided dosing, reducing the toxicity from overmedication and increasing the efficacy from under-medication. Current dosing schemes result in either too much drug exposure or too little drug exposure because of individual pharmacokinetic variations. The Autotelic pipeline includes TDM devices for management of oncology, hypertension and pain.