Ondatis AG specialises in Consulting and Technology Services for the Corporate Communications and Law departments of large enterprises.  

Our Legal consulting arm provides expert advice derived from first-hand experience in global companies.  We approach every engagement based on the knowledge that successful law departments must achieve the right balance between people, organization, process, culture and technology.  In this context, we offer a range of services, including strategic and organizational reviews, operational maturity assessments and Target Operating Models (TOMs), employee engagement and change management support,  and process optimization and technology assessments.
Our suite of Legal technology is designed to support our consulting arm by bridging the gaps in the typically fragmented infrastructure landscapes of large enterprises. For litigation departments, we are developing a new software to enable senior management to respond swiftly to the numerous moving parts of a complex litigation and to take the right decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. Our development Team is also working on software to unlock the collective expertise of an organization and raise knowledge flow and knowledge retention to higher levels.

Our Communications services are based on long-term experience of the typically complex and fragmented structure of large corporate enterprises and the unique challenges this poses for Corporate Communicators.  Our Consulting and Technology arms go hand in hand, focusing on enhancing communications activities and embedding best practices on both a strategic and day-to-day operational level.  Our unique Commsflow solution enables Communicators to maintain a concise overview of all their activities, while providing detailed insight into which strategic and business objectives are supported by these activities.  It promotes flexible short and long term planning, as well as sharing, storing and syndicating content, and impact measurement.