1 Click Capital is on a mission to change the way businesses in our country access the funding they need to pay their employees and sustain their business.

In these unprecedented times we know how difficult it is for organizations to survive and thrive; every business needs financial flexibility to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing environment and unlock full advantages of the opportunities presented to them in real time.

The threat of COVID grew into the MSME sector like fuel. Companies started collapsing one after another and during the same time it became difficult for banks to provide loans without prior networks.

We wanted to challenge the status quo of the financial market and reimagine the way lending capital and everything related to it happened in this country.

Our long enriched journey in the financial sector gave birth to this dream but it was the pandemic that revived us. Our thirst to solve the credit crisis in the MSME sector was finally taking shape.

Creating a cutting edge novel product in an unpredictable market wasn’t an easy feat but the immense bond and respect we brothers shared for each other and the expert industry advice we received from our mentors turned our dream into a reality.