Based in Greenwood, Indiana, One Click Ventures was founded in 2005 and has since grown rapidly to encompass a network of ecommerce brands. Though currently concentrated in the discount fashion and travel spaces, the company is speedily expanding to other markets. One Click Ventures is profitable and self-funded.

One Click Ventures was born in the one room home office of husband and wife, Randy and Angie Stocklin, who launched the business by acquiring one brand. The operation quickly outgrew the domestic quarters, which led to their securing warehouse space to support the rapid expansion. Angie and Randy then committed to building a team of ecommerce and marketing experts in Central Indiana.

To effectively scale the multi-store model and maintain control of the customer experience, the founders elected to bring technology, marketing, fulfillment and customer service in-house. With this move, the highly scalable, highly efficient business model was born and a sense of collective-purpose was honed, both key factors in One Click’s marked expansion.

The growth has been fueled by a sophisticated business development effort that identifies and acquires online properties that can be plugged into the award-winning One Click marketing engine, which is One Click’s primary competitive advantage. The online marketing engine consists of a diverse team of subject matter experts, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, conversion optimization and content development.

One Click targets passionate and talented team members to master cutting-edge ecommerce and marketing techniques. The culture at One Click is that of a close-knit family that is, among other things, collaborative, creative, flexible, caring and locally-involved. The company’s collaborative nature is evident in its day to day operations, which emphasizes a constant dialogue among all team members. Though the One Click team has grown significantly, the founders are committed to maintaining a family atmosphere, regardless of the size of the company.

Looking ahead, One Click has the team and infrastructure in place to significantly scale-up its audience, customers, and revenues. One Click will continue to aggressively grow the company by acquiring, developing and managing Internet properties.