Finally, there’s some good news for car owners. Introducing One Shine, a new waterless car cleaning product designed for motorists to beat the expected hosepipe ban.

Essex based businessman Kevin Stroud has launched a new car cleaning product that is designed to beat this years expected hose pipe ban, appeal to environmentalists, save car owners money and provide great results.

The One Shine Waterless Car Wash & Polish has been developed using entirely natural ingredients. There is no need for application with water resulting in a cost effective, environmentally friendly cleaning solution for car owners.  As well as offering a great finish on paintwork, One Shine Waterless Car Wash & Polish is suitable for alloys, chrome and glass and a variety of interior surfaces.

Kevin Stroud owns E-Shine Valeting, a mobile valeting business serving private clients and businesses within the Braintree area. He has introduced One Shine Waterless Car Wash & Polish for customers who want to achieve a professional valeting finish for themselves without the need to invest the time necessary to achieve results with water assisted products.

Kevin says "Appearances are everything - the finish of my customers' vehicles are my track record. Everybody in my company pays attention to detail and we go that extra mile for each customer.  I'm a former military man, people judge you on your pride, appearance and a job well done. This philosophy has stayed with me in business”.

He added “In the current economic and environmental climate, One Shine offers an affordable way for motorists to keep their vehicles looking great without using up valuable water supplies”

You can order One Shine Waterless Car Wash & Polish from the www.oneshine.co.uk website or call on 0845 658 9915