Artist, writer and intuitive, F. W. Chris Anderson has spent the last forty or more years in a variety of creative and spiritual pursuits that have ultimately caused him to place his identity away from the corporeal world and more toward identifying himself as a spiritual being.

Educated in both the values of the prevailing society as well as having been raised by grandparents who contributed Native American spiritual and ethical insight to his growth, Chris now lives a life devoted to mystical spirituality and unraveling the grand questions of life: who are we? Where did we come from and where are we going to?

Chris’ current primary focus for the content of his life is the study and teaching of A Course in Miracles, incorporating it into all of his endeavors. He writes under the nom de plume Sanyasuk Andekshkwe (Silver Crow in English translation) or alternately, as Onefeather, on other occasions, depending on the message and style of his writing.

His latest novel is an adventure/quest with overtones of The DaVinci Code and the Celestine Prophecy kicked up a few notches, with an exciting outcome that involves enlightenment, secret societies like the Illuminati, world religion and mankind’s inevitable future. His website for the book can be found at;
His social network is located at;

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Additional creative endeavors include Marty the Enlightened Squirrel. Chris created Marty as an alter ego, wherein his playful side comes to the surface. Marty is designed to be a relief-valve for a world that takes itself far too seriously. A lot of the ideas Mr. Anderson plans to explore with Marty are gentle reminders that the material world is always in transition and duality is the nature of the journey here on earth. Marty questions beliefs and fears, reflects the concerns of fellow members of the animal kingdom and about the environment and is a bit self-serving occasionally. Yet, at his core, he realizes there exists a Universal Loving Force... a reminder that there is really only one life, and we all are it.
Marty's web-page is at http://martyswingnuts.com/
His social group is at http://enlightenedsquirrel.ning.com/