Online marketing specialist WordsmithBob.com. We help our clients dominate their niche on the Internet. How do we do it? We use:

Organic Search Engine Optimization
Strategic Link Building
Social Media Marketing
SEO Copywriting
Pay Per Click

Online Marketing has only one purpose. To get you more paying customers or clients. Many of our latest customers are former Yellow Book advertisers who no longer see the results they used to.

With the economy in chaos, they need to see increased results from their advertising dollars. Our other new clients have finally come to realize that their off-line marketing isn't working and they need to get more revenue from their website.

That's where Online Marketer WordsmithBob comes in. We help you Dominate The 'Net. With WordsmithBob, you have two options:

We can put together a multi-faceted, online marketing campaign utilizing Organic SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing and Strategic Link Building to create on online onslaught to drive you to the top of the search engines and pull paying customers and clients to your website. Visit www.wordsmithbob.com and download our free Online Marketing Primer or call 612-226-7667.

Or, if your budget is limited but you still want an effective tool to drive paying traffic to your website, we have a super simple and cheap do-it-yourself online program you can use to do the same thing. you don't even need any special software. you just sign on to your account through your web browser and start promoting your website. It's that simple. Visit http://internetseo.lotusjump.com.