Online Business Zen is all about how to plan, start, market and build your online business without the hype.

I started Online Business Zen because we believe there is a lot of misinformation on the web about internet business and marketing.  There are a lot of “get rich quick” sites pushing “black hat” marketing techniques to get you listed on the front page of google without explaining how to create a lasting online community and web presence.  I believe in building a solid foundation for a business instead.

I’ll  teach you the latest Web 2.0 marketing techniques, but I’ll also teach you the more important skills of building a solid business foundation, picking the right business niche, establishing and maintaining your reputation, and creating a lasting online community.

The “Zen” in Online Business Zen is about balance.  Running your online business requires persistence, but if you select the right product, and focus on the right things, you can do it in a few hours a week.  I built a substantial income and site with nearly 1 million visitors a year working at night 4-6 hours each week.