Hamburg-English offers in-class business and technical English language classes especially focused on English for business. In-class training and coaching is carried out in companies by dual-profession English language teachers with additional experience and qualifications in business and engineering. Our teachers can focus on personnel, department, or industries. Our engineers can work together with your engineers; both bringing the vocabulary and know-how your employees require.

Our online training and testing platforms are developed and operated by our same English teachers. By combining engineering with English language teaching qualifications and experience, we have bridged the gap between the two areas of the teaching industry that remain so often skill-separated.

Our TOEIC test preparation platform at onlineenglish.eu offers students the chance to effectively and efficiently prepare themselves for the TOEIC listening and reading, the TOEIC speaking and writing, or the TOEIC 4 skills tests.

Our English Placement platform at englishplacement.org is a very unique development for the online, routine level testing of listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, or any combination thereof, in the English language.

Both platforms benefit from a complete training/test administration area, therefore making them immediately adoptable by schools and other organisations.

With partners worldwide, Hamburg-English can also offer language training courses in other countries for instance, Italian in Italy, Spanish in France ..etc

Once an idea; a concept of skill combination, Hamburg-English has now become a reality!