Online English Teacher

Are you looking for an online English teacher? Welcome to www.onlineenglishteacher.com (previously: "www.onlineenglishteacher.co.uk"), teaching the English language online, using Skype, since January 2007. The English classes are taught by a native British English teacher. There is English teaching, for exam English, such as the IELTS, FCE, TOEFL, CAE, business English and other types of English as well. The classes use Skype and screen-sharing and also try to record them. Currently, the English tutor will be British.

You can learn English online from home or work and have a private English teacher for you to study English whichever country you may be in. This online language school experience has much practice teaching English exams and is a "British English school" for you to learn English wherever you are. You can learn English language areas, such as "English grammar", "English vocabulary", "English speaking", "English writing", "English reading" and "English listening", as well as "business English, "business writing" and "academic English" etc..

English learning by Skype with this online english teaching method can be interesting and faster than normal English school methods. So, whether you are studying for the IELTS exam, or want business English or just general academic English, you can learn English online with an English class, like in a private school by this English learning method with a UK English teacher. If you want to start internet English courses by Skype, simply try to click  "http://www.onlineenglishteacher.com/skype-classes" for a free 20 minutes consultation, e-mail “info@onlineenglishteacher.com” or leave a voice-mail: (+44) 0208-123-0-579. Thank you.