Online Staging Pro performs online home staging evaluations for Sellers who want to ensure their house is in prime online showing condition to attract Buyers and sell fast for the most money. We Help Sellers PREPARE RIGHT! there's too much at stake.  http://onlinestagingpro.com

A Online Staging Pro Home Evaluation tells you exactly what to do to ensure your home shows well online. We guide you step-by-step and help you take the necessary actions to prepare your home right BEFORE you list.
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Home Sellers Beware!
If your home does not show well online, you will get little in-person traffic to your home. The longer your home is on the market, the more likely you are to get low ball offers. Don't risk having to reduce your selling price. Make sure your home shows great BEFORE your listing goes public.

Statistics Reveal Significant Benefits
US Housing & Urban Development estimates that a staged home will sell 17% higher than a comparable UN-staged home.

NOT staging could cost you 8-10% in lower profits according to the National Association of Realtors.

Expect an UN-staged home to be on the market 65% longer than a staged home. (also according to NAR)

How We Are Different and Innovative?
Online Staging Pro helps Sellers prepare using the same proven Home Staging principles as others do but we are different in three special ways:

1. We go beyond just 'staging'.  We evaluate the overall home inside and out, the layout, quality and size of photos and the listing presentation.
2. Our Home Staging Pros personally perform each Evaluation. We don't need to be in your home to tell you how your home presents to potential buyers online and how to make it show better.                            

3. Our services are affordable!  Prices start at only $125 for a full Online Home Staging Evaluation. Typical Home Staging services can cost anywhere from 1% to 3% of the home's value. Just a two hour consultation can cost up to $500 and you wouldn't get the full evaluation, custom checklist and storyboard that we provide.

Online Staging Pro serves home Sellers who want to maximize their home's online look, presentation and exposure so they can sell their home quickly and for the highest price possible.

Why Online Staging Pro was started
Over the last decade, the advances in computer technology have completely changed how homebuyers search for homes. Today internet search is the primary, if not the sole platform buyers use to find and view homes for sale. But for the most part, the quality and presentation of home listings have not evolved and adapted to these changing home search practices.

Just a short home search online and the problem is very apparent. Sadly, many homes are not selling because they show poorly online. The owners are stuck in limbo, they are losing thousands of dollars in price reductions and their future dreams are in jeopardy. But what's really sad is that many of these home Sellers could have easily avoided huge losses and months on the market by doing some simple, no or low cost changes prior to listing that would have made their home show better online thus attract more buyers.

"After performing hundreds of Home Staging Evaluations, we find that the majority of home listings are not reaching their online showing potential, and frankly, many home listing photos turn buyers away in one click" says Teri Allen, Owner of Online Staging Pro. "Either the home is so cluttered or confusing or the photos are so blurry, dark or inadequate that buyers can't connect with the home and they move on to the next."

"We help Sellers understand what they can do to get their home in prime showing condition. We help them highlight their home's best features and tell a compelling story with photos that gives buyers every opportunity to experience the home 'virtually'. The goal of traditional home staging is to inspire buyers to connect emotionally with the home. We are evolving this concept to encompass the online experience as well."

It is essential to selling success that a home listing be marketed with a focus on showing well online.  And by using this medium to its potential, Sellers have all the advantages that this broad reaching medium has to offer.  Online Staging is an essential strategy to supporting and enhancing any home marketing plan.

Here's How it Works  
  * Place your order and provide your home photos
  * We conduct your Home Staging Evaluation
  * We send you your Online Home Staging Portfolio    
  * You complete the suggested tasks and take listing photos

Your Online Home Staging Portfolio includes:
  * Screen Capture Video Evaluation
  * Custom Seller's Checklist
  * Photo Storyboard