Nyima Chante Robbins struggles in all kinds of denial.  It's been three years since she was first diagnosed with clinical depression and post traumatic stress disorder and she still believes she's just burnt out.

Suddenly homeless again, she holds up in a motel for two weeks trying desperately to hold her life together.  During this interim she reflects on what life has been in California, contemplating whether to stay and finish what she's begun, or return to the East Coast to assist family members in crisis.

Once the decision is made, a haunting and recurring nightmare forces its total exposure.  It proves to be more real than imaginary as it takes demonic possession to make her fight for dominion over her own soul.

Nyima comes to the affirmative conclusion that she WAS out of control and it's the best thing that could have happened to her.

In becoming so, she finally relinquishes control to the One who knew her heart from the beginning; the One who loved her like she was the only one to love; the One who loved her best; the One who'd never stop; and the One who never interferred with her being in control, until she surrendered it to Him.

Each life is a gift from God . . . and what is done with it is a gift to Him in return.  Nyima learns that  to be more she must do more and too have more she must expect more, but for success - she must align her acts according to the Word of God, not the words of the world.