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Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Wood Activated Carbon, Coal Activated Carbon, Water Washed Activated Carbon, Acid Washed Activated Carbon

Industry, Food / Beverages, Mining, Refineries, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, Air Industry, Water Industry, Effluent Treatment, Drinking Water Purification, Domestic RO Treatment, Industrial RO Treatment, Bacterial growth depletion, Carbon block MFT, Odor Control, Industrial Air Purification, VOC Removal from Air (Volatile Organic Compounds, Cigarette Filters, GAS Storage, Removal of Acid , Removal of H25 , 1) Sulphuric acid | Phosphoric acid | Potassium carbonate | Iron oxide | Potassium Iodide | triethylenee diamine (TEDA) | Sulfur | Potassium permanganate | Manganese IV acid | Silver | Zinc oxide | Chromium-copper-silver salts | Mercury II chloride | Zinc acetate | Noble metals (Palladium,Platinum), Cabin Air Filtration , Evaporative Emission Control, Emission Control (Hybrid Carbon Phosphoric acid, KOH, Iron oxide), Decolorization, Deo Dorization, Waste Water Purification, Petroleum Oil Refinery, Edible Oil Refinery, Sugar Refinery, Metal Refinery – Hybrid Carbon Sulphur & Noble Metals, Gold Mining, Uranium Extraction, Metal Recovery, Color Removal, Taste Removal, Odor Removal