OpenLM software products enhance the use of FLEXnet and other floating license software, allowing organizations to receive  comprehensive license statistics; easily and successfully. In addition, OpenLM is an extremely cost effective replacement for the retired FLEXbill and SAMreport. The information OpenLM collects and processes can be used in order to achieve maximum systems efficiency, and for resolving the common problem of excessive investment in expensive software licenses.

OpenLM for ESRI ArcGIS (ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo) is a unique solution for companies who wish to improve the use of their ESRI floating licenses. The software allow organizations to double the number of software users, with the existing pool of licenses.

OpenLM has an open API which provide companies the ability to implement OpenLM in their custom applications, as well as other software systems that use FLEXnet (FLEXlm).

OpenLM products are already implemented successfully at hundreds of companies and institutions worldwide. Through the use of OpenLM these companies are able to down scale their software ownership while increasing productivity, to perform consolidation of software assets including concurrent licenses, without hearting their availability to users.