OpenMarkets is a strategic sourcing partner for healthcare providers, creating value by bringing hospitals together to reduce spend on capital equipment items and related services.

As you are challenged to do more with less, OpenMarkets serves as an extension of your staff; acting as a unique resource for supply chain, finance and clinical teams to reduce capital equipment procurement and maintenance costs.

If you believe in greater transparency in the healthcare capital equipment market and a provider-driven buying strategy, come join us and together, we’ll create new savings and a smarter way to buy capital equipment.

Call 866.447.3270 or email us info@openmarketshealth.com to learn more.

“OpenMarkets is an incredible concept! Medical capital is unique and requires different tools and methods than those typically utilized in the GPO world. Given all the challenges that the healthcare industry is facing, we are glad to have OpenMarkets as a partner.”

Don Slater, Director Supply Chain Services

“My experience with OpenMarkets has been extremely positive. Not only does the company provide the health system with equipment cost savings that translates into increased value, OpenMarkets reduces the labor expended by us in the time-consuming realm of price negotiation. The management and staff are resourceful, strategic and a pleasure to work with. They support our efforts in providing the utmost in quality patient care at the best value and bringing about a positive patient experience.”

David Edwards, Director of Capital & Technology