We design and manufacture next generation console servers for secure remote access and control of routers, switches, servers, firewalls, uninterruptable power supplies, power distribution units and environmental monitoring devices.

The mission of Opengear is to deliver open source management appliances and cloud services that simplify control of complex distributed systems and networks.

Opengear's open source platforms give network managers and system integrators the most flexible, extensible and secure remote management solution on the market today. We provide the virtual hands to access and control networking equipment in remote offices, computers in data centers and smart devices distribiuted all over the world. Equipment can be remotely reconfigured, rebooted and power cycled.

Opengear’s extensive support for out-of-band management ensures our customers have access and control even when their network is down. The result is a drastic reduction in the need for expensive on-site technical staff, on-site visits and an accompanying acceleration of problem resolution and improvements in critical network availability.