Collectif Clothing is an independent UK retailer bringing the best in Forties and Fifties Vintage reproduction and alternative style clothing, for women of all shapes and sizes.
Established in 2000, Collectif is one Europe’s leaders and originators in Vintage Reproductions.  Starting off as a small shop in Camden Market, Collectif originally focused on Punk and Psychobilly styles. However, with the addition of new designers and the increased popularity of the Rockabilly revival scene, Collectif expanded focusing their attention on the classic looks of 1940s and 50s, and 60s and saw the opportunity to reproduce Vintage fashions for the modern woman.

The inspiration for Collectif’s designs today stem from the team’s love of Vintage. Katherine Tuck of Collectif’s design team says: “My main inspiration is my Grandmother who looked after me a lot as a child. I grew-up listening to her tales of the war, the wonders of the Make Do and Mend movement and how the girls would improvise and experiment to keep themselves looking feminine. When designing I take inspiration from my Grandmothers stories, my love of Lowbrow art, black and white photography from Hollywood's 'Golden Age', people I see on the street that make an effort to look amazing every day, and browsing in vintage shops.  A vast amount of research goes into our collections, to offer something different whilst also staying faithful to history. Collectif offers a combination of retro styles with modern materials and sizing, so you can always find a good fit, and wear a dress every day or night without worrying that you're wearing out a piece of history.”

Versatility and originality pervades Collectif’s design philosophy and is perfect for those looking for something different. Combining new fashion trends with classic Vintage styles and a splash of rock and roll! For us, our collections are more than fashion; they are about creating a timeless sense of romance and glamour set against an unconventional background.

Our designs cater and fit all shapes and sizes from petite to celebrating those with curves, and our range of Collectif models reflect this. Our timeless and classic styles are comfortable and flattering to wear, and are designed to compliment and celebrate the female form.
At Collectif you can find complete outfits to accent pieces, suitable for in the office, day and evening wear and each piece will let you develop your own sense of self expression wether its a 1940s Pin-Up look or a classic rock and roll 1950s look. Collectif has something for every Vintage lover with prices to suit every budget.
In addition to our own designs we are also proud to stock and support independent designers that share our love for all things retro and the rockabilly and punk subcultures that we started off in. One of our favorite designers is Bordello shoes and boots, a company originally created especially for burlesque performers. Boredello shoes specializes in bring old time glamour and lavishness to any outfit, we believe they compliment our designs perfectly. Another designer we are proud to support and stock both online and in our stores is UK designer Now Voyager, specializing in Hair accessories, they believe every woman should have the right to look Pin-Up gorgeous everyday and this is something that resonates throughout Collectif. Now Voyager hair accessories are fun and affordable and ideal for putting the finishing touch to any outfit.
Our designs can be seen in boutiques around the world, however the best place to view Collectif is on our website www.collectif.co.uk , here you can view an extensive range of our products including limited editions and all our new lines. As well as shopping online, we also love to meet our customers face to face and currently have a store in the heart of London’s distinctive Camden market and a store in Covent Garden. We are also expanding Collectif to the USA and are hoping to open another store in London shortly.

At Collectif our costumers are very important, our small team personally deals with every aspect of Collectif from design to production through to shipment and sale, we ensure that our customers not only receive only the highest quality products but a personalized service when shopping with us. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and are on hand 6 days a week to answer any questions or enquiries you may have either though Facebook, email or by calling us.