OpenSpaces is a consultancy firm dedicated to providing bespoke innovative, commercially sound and excellent financial services regulatory expertise to financial services' companies based in the UK and Africa.

Our previous roles with UK financial regulatory providers and extensive compliance experience means we are welll placed to offer organisations excellent advice on regulatory issues ranging from FSA authorisation, compliance reviews, anti-money laundering strategy and implementation of an effective compliance structure and strategy.

Openspaces Compliance Consultants provides a wide range of services including the following:

   Implementation of an effective compliance structure and strategy
   Advice on and interpretation of financial services regulation
   Implementation of an effective anti-money laundering strategy and internal procedures
   Review of internal processes and procedures to highlight areas of weaknesses and make suitable recommendationsfor remedial actions
   Providing advice on developing the transaparency and effective regulation of financial services markets e.g. settlements and trading systems
   Provision of day-to-day compliance services and advice;
   Provision of bespoke compliance manuals and other compliance documentation
   Obtaining FSA authorisation