Optec Technology Limited is the world's leading fiber termination solutions provider which serves extensive optical networks throughout public and private sectors.

Through our engineering excellence, we are providing next generation fiber assembly products with superior performance in a cost effective manner.

Our comprehensive fiber optic cabling products includes:
High Density Multi-fibers Solutions
- High Density MTP/MPO Assemblies
- Plug and Play Cassette Module
- High Density Fiber Rack Solution

Harsh Environment Connectivities
- IP-68 MTP Assemblies
- IP-68 LC Assemblies
- Armored Patchcords

Fiber Components
- Fiber Optic Connectors & Adapters
- SwifTermTM No-Polish Connector
- Terminators & Attenuators
- Precision Metal Parts

Special Fiber Terminations
- On-Board Optic (OBO) Assemblies
- Optical Flex Circuit Assemblies
- MXC® Multifibers Cable Assemblies
- PRIZM® LightTurn® Fiber Assemblies
- Active Optical Cable (AOC) Sub-Assemblies
- PM Fiber Assemblies  

We deliver latest multi-fiber cabling solutions to different users around the globe, with customers spread over 30 countries. With more than decades of experience, we help customers fulfill every cabling needs for high density, high bandwidth, high scalability in this bandwidth-hungry era.