Optimum Outsourcing S.A. is a privately owned company registered and headquartered in Luxembourg. Its primary sector of activity is data outsourcing. Over the past few years it has acquired extensive expertise in the outsourcing field and provides cost effective solutions for organisations wishing to outsource their activities to leverage their financial positions in the ever competitive global marketplace. Its client portfolio now includes companies located in Belgium, Holland, France, Canada and South Africa.

OPTIMUM OUTSOURCING LTD, created in 2003, is the company�s operational centre for the majority of its outsourcing activities. It strategic office is located in Mauritius in proximity to Port Louis, the island�s capital city. Optimum Outsourcing has worked with both public and private organisations to develop new outsourcing policies and solutions.

OPTIMUM OUTSOURCING has rapidly evolved to become one of the leaders of outsourcing services with the provision of both temporary and contract staff. Optimum also provides offshore services with managed resources, permanent recruitment, payroll and training programs implemented to meet the demands of the market.

OPTIMUM OUTSOURCING S.A. and OPTIMUM OUTSOURCING LTD are comprised of approximately 30 employees and are represented in Luxembourg, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. OPTIMUM wishes to grow into a global enterprise, one which places particular importance on providing advantageous working conditions for all its employees, both local and foreign.