Optimum Basketball is the future in sport specific training. We specialize in training basketball players to acheive their full potential. We use innovative technology to our advantage by providing some of the best training in the world. We have a state of the art dribbling machine that focuses on hand eye coordination, foot speed, hand speed, and overall dribbling technique. We also have a shooting machine that helps our athletes get the maximum amount of repetitions in the shortest amount of time. This makes our training more effective, more effecient, and ultimately more fun. We have done away with the old mentality of staying in the gym for 4 hours everyday. We have developed this program with the athletes longevity in mind.

      Athletes train for about 1 and a half hours, and they go through a series of warm-ups, footwork drills, position specific training, and develop their overall shooting and dribbling abilities. We are training the athletes of the future today, with the technology of tomorrow. We consider it a blessing and an honor to have this equipment available to youth athletes all the way to the Pros. With an Elite level staff compiled of current and former college and professional athletes, we are excited to instruct and implement our know with the innovative technology that we have developed.

    We also offer sound nutritional advice, and we have partnered with one of the largest nurtition companies in the world. The leader in all natural sports performance nutrition Herbalife. With a Certified Sports Nutritionist on staff we have the knowledge and expertise to help Professional Athletes all the way to the beginning basketball player. Not only are we changing the way players train, but we are also changing the way they fuel their bodies. You wouldn't put unleaded fuel in a jet, so why put sub-standard nutrition into top level athletes. It doesnt make sense, yet it happens everyday, and that is something we are looking to change.

     Optimum Basketball is located in beautiful Camarillo, CA in close proximity to the LAX and Burbank airports. We are minutes from the beaches of Malibu, and are blessed with a wonderful facility.