Optiontown was founded in 2003 by alumni from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Optiontown is bringing a tectonic shift to the airline industry with personalized flight subscription via Flight Pass Option, and other innovative ancillary services. Optiontown’s ground-breaking technology is built using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, coupled with personalized economics and optionality and is based on Mass Collaboration, a new science developed during extensive research at MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics. Flight Pass allows customers to lock-in fares, with no restrictions during peak seasons as well as guaranteed seats on flights. Flight Pass offers great control and choice to travelers, thereby saving up to 90% planning and booking time and enhancing productivity.The company is headquartered in Boston and has multiple offices globally, including in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Canada, India, Egypt, UAE and Vietnam. More than 40 airlines globally have partnered with Optiontown and the list continues to grow rapidly.