OptoMotive is specialized in FPGA based high-speed intelligent cameras and architectures for demanding and real-time processing machine vision solutions. OptoMotive assortment of modular high-speed intelligent cameras Cameleon, Camelopard and Velociraptor with its flexible architecture covers wide array of uses. Expandable FPGA architecture and real-time processing gives the camera a chance to control a process at a very high speed without any additional control units (camera centric systems).

Our cameras are composed of housing, imaging sensor, processing unit and communication interface.  In every piece of the camera we put maximum effort to produce an engineering masterpiece. The OptoMotive camera housings are made of CNC machine aluminum and anodized in a special OptoMotive blue color. We use high-speed industrial CMOS imaging sensors which can acquire video in up to 5000 frames per second. The image processing unit is a programmable logic device FPGA, coupled with high-speed memory.  With this reconfigurable image processor, parallel real-time image processing is possible. Preprocessing includes color processing and filtering.  Postprocessors running parallel to perform image compression, image statistics and other higher level detections. After image processing the relevant data is buffered in the memory and transmitted through the Gigabit Ethernet to the host computer.  The camera functionality and image preview is controlled by the SHARKi windows based software or API for user based programming.  All of this makes our cameras unique computer vision machines, which are also capable of standalone operations.  

OptoMotive company's mission is to meet demanding customers' needs by providing them solutions, which will reduce costs of cutomers' applications, and which will consequently result in better quality and lower-costs of customers' products.

With years of experiences before company was founded, OptoMotive's team of highly qualified engineers is creating innovative products, that are in many cases well in front of other solutions currently available on the market. OptoMotive's references are an empiric proof that company's big times are yet to come. Thus OptoMotive is optimistically and visionary looking into future!

OptoMotive’s concept of joining large FPGAs, high-performance imaging sensors and image processing within the FPGA, is positioning company’s cameras Cameleon, Camelopard and even more so Velociraptor, way ahead all the rest and way ahead into the future!