Cortex3 contains all the components for managing and licensing media online as efficiently as humanly possible.  With 180 000 configuration parameters, our system is powerful enough to fully adapt to your most specific needs.

But Cortex3 gives you more than functionality. Ease-of-use is a core concept throughout the application, so you don'thave to be an IT expert to use it. Cortex3 helps you do your job faster and better.  It's 100% AJAX based and makes extensive use of intuitive, time-saving tools such as drag-drop and auto-completion features, batch edition tools, automated functions, ergonomic interfaces, and much more. (Ask for a demo, you'll see what we mean).

Cortex3 is scalable, so you can start with the basics and grow with the system, at no extra cost. All modules are fully integrated in a flexible, adaptable and comprehensive solution.

By running your photo archives with one single software, you'll save time and money and avoid the frustration of having to patch many applications together.

Cortex3 is a fully Web-based solution, and requires no on-site installation and no need for internal IT support.


Cortex3 is AJAX-based and 100% web.  It is scalable, and all modules are fully integrated in a one-stop tailored solution:

Digital Asset Management (DAM), featuring a unique Search Method making use of the tripartite tools of Thesaurus, Keywording and Packaging, all fully customizable

Distribution and Licensing, enabling self-service 24/7 automated ecommerce sales as well as rights-managed licensing using Cortex3 proprietary Intelligent Calculator

Contact Management with advanced CRM features, allowing you to track all interactions between your clients and your images

Invoicing/Accounting System & Digital Rights Management (DRM) to issue all quotations, orders, invoices, royalty computation, etc.

Content Management System (CMS) giving you full control of your website

Workflow and Events Management, keeping a history of all events taking place in the application and notifying relevant staff whenever required

Reporting and Website Statistics giving you the ability to generate a wide variety of reports based on customizable parameters and exportable in XML and CSV

Security Management based on unlimited groups of User Profiles and over 250 security points


Distributing your media asset on the Internet is a challenging task.   We help you throughout the process with consultancy, data migration, project management, training, support and managed hosting services.

Orange Logic has turned into successes customer projects that competitors had failed to complete. We want every new project to be a constructive and enjoyable collaboration with our customer. Our mission is your objective: maximizing the usage of your digital assets.

As a true technology partner, we'll take care of all the techie stuff so you can concentrate on growing relationships with existing and new clients, and adapting to the market as it evolves.



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