There are a lot of ‘energy’ drinks and ‘healthy’ drinks out there, but now there’s a product that finally combines both. Orbana is a newly launched drink that uses only healthy ingredients to give a steady release of energy without the spike and crash – all without using a single ounce of caffeine, sweeteners or preservatives.

Created by one of Britain’s top Sports Nutritionists, Orbana Healthy Energy Drink combines a unique mixture of energy sources with a generous amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes to delay fatigue for up to two hours. A great deal of athletes find that it improves their performance (especially towards the end of a game/race when they start to flag), and many health-conscious individuals think that it’s a great alternative to the coffee they drink when they need a kick. Some devotees even call Orbana a ‘superdrink’ as its unique ingredients give it the effect of an energy drink, sports drink, hydration drink, recovery drink and healthy fruit drink all in one.

Each 40g bottle of Orbana not only provides sustained energy, but also contains more essential vitamins per serving than many multivitamin supplements—which also explains why it comes in a powder form. Many vitamins and amino acids lose their potency when diluted over time, so Orbana keeps them in their original form in order to provide the greatest health benefit. With that in mind, all you have to do to activate Orbana is just add water and give it a shake.

To learn more about Orbana’s ingredients, the sports science testing that Orbana has undergone, or the testimonials that Orbana has received—from everyone from Sunday league players, to performance nutritionists, to ex-Olympians—go to our website at: www.orbana.com