Orbiting Astral Bodies, written by Nathan Gregorski, was voted one of the Best of the Fringe at the New York International Fringe Festival was and consequently published.  We're excited to be bringing this whimsical piece to Los Angeles!

When the moon decides to leave the Earth in search of something better, it turns the lives of 4 people completely upside down.

"At its heart is a touching story, told simply and elegantly[...] All in all, creating an experience grander than the sum of its parts."--
Erin M. Daley, NY International Fringe 2013

"There is a contagious sense of wonder and awe that pulls the audience through the play, making the whole experience feel somehow cosmic. Bodies, people and stories are drawn to each other, sharing an orbit for a few moments before falling away again, or aligning with someone else. They are all searching for something ephemeral and almost unattainable. Seemingly alone in their journey, their similarities only come into focus at a distant vantage, such as from the moon or beyond the fourth wall." -- Erin M. Daley, NY International Fringe 2013

Directed by Alyse M. Castillo
Produced by Andrea Arvanigian
Technical Direction by Jeffrey Chaney

Moon - Michelle Holmes
Gillian - Julia Gelb-Zimmerman
Mark - Ethan Leaverton
Warren - Austin Hillebrecht
Allen - Philip Orazio
Claire - Andrea Arvanigian

Running at the MET Theatre at 1089 N. Oxford Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029.

Friday 11/29: 8pm
Saturday 11/30: 8pm
Sunday 12/1: 2pm

Friday 12/6: 8pm
Saturday 12/7: 8pm
Sunday 12/8: 2pm

Friday 12/13: 8pm
Saturday 12/14: 8pm
Sunday 12/15: 2pm

Tickets are available for purchase at plays411.net/astral

In association with DOMA Theatre Company.