Orbotic Systems was created to address the growing threat of space debris. After investigating solutions from both a business and technical perspective, Orbotic Systems was born. The goal of Orbotic Systems is to safely advance human progress in space with innovative business methods and new technology.

After nearly two years of concerted effort, we are ready to release our first product to mitigate space debris. Unrivaled and unique, our D3 device allows SmallSat operators to inexpensively maneuver, orientate, and deorbit their spacecraft in LEO without any explosive propellant. The D3 does 80% of what rockets do at 10% of the cost. Our design team is from NASA, University of Florida, and Orbotic Systems. We will be accepting the first D3 orders in 2022.

Orbotic Systems was designated a top ten satellite solution provider in 2021 by Aerospace & Defense Review. The D3 was one of the five winners in the aerospace category of the 2021, "Create the Future Contest."