D4INFO is an online advertising and marketing business. We promote and consult for small businesses in almost a dozen industries. The websites we own are comprised of directories that target specific markets. They allow both consumers to find the best business/service for themselves, and the business to promote to the people looking for them.  D4 has a history of ensuring their clients satisfaction which can be seen through our high renewal rate.

We work with over 500 small and medium sized businesses, all of whom trust us to promote their business successfully.  And for the past 5 years we have never lost more clients than we've gained and our renewal rate has never dropped.

D4 also provides further marketing services from email blasts to website creation and everything in between. A lot of the contracts we are signed to are customized for the clients specific needs. As a result, we prefer to offer an array of services to maximize our clients' opportunity for exposure and successful marketing.