What is www.Orgeve.com ?  Events Simplified.

We are the first  and  leading event related on-line platform where you can create your complete solution.

We fully understand the difficulties that go with organizing any event. Be it a family events like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements or even full scale events such as weddings and reception ceremonies – its never an easy task. It could also be a corporate event such as conferences, training sessions and regional sales and distributor gatherings – all these have very sizable audiences with a lot at stake. To any person or employee attempting to organise this – it could turn out to be a daunting task Our online platform –  www.OrgEve.com  is the simplest way to organize any event. After you make a few critical parameter selections  OrgEve immediately presents an online checklist of services that could be critical to your function. This should help OrgEve users ensure that they leave no stone unturned – thus helping ensure a smooth and well planned event.
There are two options online – Self Select and the Solution Builder. With the Self Select option the customers can select their own Service Providers  while with Solution Builder option OrgEve takes your details and helps build that solution for you..

The OrgEve Advantage  - Better informed decisions .... and huge savings...

Customer Opinion Captured:  We will work with you to gather feedback on the services you have received using OrgEve.com. This would in turn ensure that you are not directed to sub-standard Vendors.
Better Informed Choices:  At orgeve.com we provide multiple service providers options for organizing your event. You could even check on their profiles for customer comments and references.
Deals and Price Advantage: We know how expensive some of the events can be, that's why we work with our providers to get you unique OrgEve deals and discounts.
Guest Reminders:  www.OrgEve.com  FREE guest reminder  service helps you to build and maintain your very own list of friends, invitees and relatives. You can pick and choose who should be invited for any particular event from guest list and Orgeve.com automatically sends an Event Reminder SMS messages to the invitees on your behalf.