ROTHESAY, NB,  – Is the disorganization in your bedroom causing you to have cluttered nightmares, or are you basking in sweet organized dreams?  Organizing Connection Inc. has the answers to the questions that frustrate many people when it comes to having a serene sleep area.

Wouldn’t you like to have someone show you what to do, rather than just tell you what to do? Organizing Connection Inc. has produced an innovative video to solve your bedroom chaos available in the privacy of your home, instantly, anytime of the day. This step-by-step system is easy to follow and literally puts you in the driver’s seat which allows you to create the organizing solution that is best for YOU!

Organizing the Bedroom-From Cluttered Nightmares to Sweet Dreams Online Video Set, will be launched on September 22nd   and will be available at www.organizingconnection.com in digital download format for easy access.
Professional Organizers and the visionaries behind Organizing Connection.com, Kim Eagles and Elaine Shannon, encounter people on a regular basis who simply can’t afford in-person professional organizing services. Through their market research they quickly discovered an opportunity to share their expertise to thousands of people and their full array of online organizing videos were created to meet this need.  
To fill the gap in an industry that is quickly gaining in popularity, Shannon and Eagles combined their professional experience and passion for organizing to create this series of products. The video package is designed to take people through their proven Six Step Organizing process. Their products are downloadable and don’t take up any valuable shelf space, thereby reducing clutter while providing a low cost solution that people can use conveniently on their schedule in the privacy of their home.
“Organizing is about how one’s physical space functions and feels, and not necessarily how it looks” states Elaine Shannon. “The magnitude of this launch is huge. With a crew of over 20 people working on various stages of this project, we have literally encompassed everything that makes the internet the powerful entity it is by using expertise from around the globe to deliver a project that will change lives.”
About Organizing Connection Inc.
Incorporated in 2007, Kim Eagles and Elaine Shannon, Creators of Organizing Connection Inc. have used their designations as professional organizers to build an online specialty resource with unique product offerings. Awarded the 2008 NAPO Best Technology Award, their international presence continues to gain popularity and this success story is just beginning. When other kids were banging on pots Eagles was organizing them….Eagles and Shannon were born with the Organizational Gene! Other products include: Organizing the Kitchen, Organizing the Mudroom/Entrance and Organizing the Home Papers.  
For more information about Organizing the Bedroom-From Cluttered Nightmares to Sweet Dreams, please visit www.organizingconnection.com  or contact Elaine Shannon at 506-647-2041 or elaine@organizingconnection.com