Orifashion comes from abbreviation of Oriental Fashion, Which originated in Old Suzhou History, As one of the birthplaces of Silk,Two thousands of Years ago, Suzhou people invented Silk crafts, Since then, Suzhou Silk and embroidery ( Known as Su Embroidery ) industries were developed, and become well known in China and the world year by year, in Ming Dynasty, The emperor setup a department in Suzhou to weave and make silk and embroidered apparel for the court, the department is called "Suzhou weaving department" to in charge of production of Silk and emboridery apparel for the court, "Suzhou Weaving deparment" had lots of weaving and embroidery firms in Suzhou, Every Year, these firms handmade lots of rare silk robes, apparel, beddings for the emperors, court and the high ranking officers .

Most of Craftsmen in Orifashion are offsprings of weaving firms of "Suzhou wearing Department", We inherits the exquisite craftsmanship, spirits of Suzhou Silk and Embroidery, combining Suzhou Silk and Embroidery craftsmanship, Oriental culture and Modern Fashion together to create a new style of Fashion --- Oriental Fashion