Our Specialty is Dental Handpiece Sales, Training & Repair!

    Thank you for your interest.  We have put a large amount of information onto our website to help you make your decision about this business, and whether it is right for you.  Please, feel free to call me if you would like a brief verbal overview of the business, which usually takes 3-4 minutes, and afterwards, I would be happy to answer questions or provide more information.  Also, please email if you would like more information or if you would like a specific question answered.  We look forward to helping you, if we can, to open your own dental handpiece sales and repair center.   A good place to start reading information about our training courses is at our website under the Frequently Asked Questions section.

   We offer a similar package to the franchisors, but at a much better value initially and over the long term.  We offer an independent option to open a dental handpiece sales and repair center, for a one time fee.

    We offer two training courses that can be purchased with or without related suggested opening shop tooling and parts inventories. The two courses cover highspeed and lowspeed dental handpiece sales and repair.  Most people come for both courses at the same time and purchase the related shop tooling and parts from us.  We offer an independent option to open your dental handpiece sales and repair center, rather than a franchise for a one time fee for our training course or courses.  We do not restrict you in any way as to the location of your business, and you would be free to operate it wherever you choose in the future.  What we do is offer a local sales and service option to dentists, and then compete against national companies.  But, by being in the local market through a combination of speed, price, and service, we are able to offer a better option to dentists.  We are not a franchise.  We offer an independent option for a one time fee, rather than a franchise.  The training courses include 3 years of free telephone support, 3 years of free re-training support, and 10 years of free email support.

    The other costs in opening the business after our training course fees, are whether or not you purchase shop tools and parts from us, or purchase them separately.  We can provide those here at training, and ship them back to you after training, or you can wait and purchase the items after training from a list that we will provide during training.  We have written a good suggested opening inventory of parts and tooling for the both high and lowspeed repair courses.  If you need to open on a tight budget, then, you may want to buy the parts and tooling separately, and during training we will go over the items while making some suggestions on reducing the opening inventory to save some money on opening costs.  We always suggest tight cash management in that every dollar that can be saved during opening will best be spent on marketing during the first year.  After the training, tools, and parts costs, then the other opening expense is primarily marketing.  Also, you will have some small fees in opening such as opening a new business bank account, local license fees, credit card machine set-up fees, and other small general opening expenses.  Marketing expenses include printing, ink, paper, postage, and other promotional items(logo pens, etc.) we suggest using during a combination of mailings and advertising drop-off visits to the dentists in your local area.

    We also offer a few less expensive options that allow you to open the business through the mail.  
    We offer been offering this training for over ten years, in addition to our normal sales & repair business. We have trained over 80 people from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guyana, England, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, India, Thailand, and South Korea including individuals with many different backgrounds from dentists, hygienists, office managers, people from all walks of life, new business owners, American, German, and Indian engineers.  We hope we can assist you in the future to open your own dental handpiece sales and repair center.  A real home based business that is easy to operate, has high demand, and can be run full or part time.  We offer an independent option rather than a franchise at a much better value to open your own dental handpiece sales & repair center.  We are the best choice to open your dental handpiece sales, service, and repair business.  

    Please email or call if I can be of further assistance.  Or, read more about us at www.orionrepair.com  Again, thank you for your interest.

Warm regards,
Paul Laird
Orion Dental Handpiece Sales, Training & Repair

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