Orion Jewelry Welders:

The Orion Jewelry Welder has the potential to increase profits, save time and unlock creative potential. By using pulse arc technology the Orion welds like a laser without the expensive price tag. Below are just a few of the many reasons why the Orion Jewelry Welder is the complete solution for bench jewelers.

Affordable Laser Alternative (learn more). Laser welders with similar features to the Orion Master Jeweler welder cost approximately $25,000+ USD. This cost is a large burden on a company of any size. The top of the line Orion Master Jeweler Plus costs a small fraction of that price ($4,500) and has additional features such as more power, tack mode and a smaller footprint. In addition, the Orion can perform all the welds of a laser and will weld silver even better than a laser.

High-Tech – Easy To Use (learn more). The Orion Jewelry Welder is a high-tech, high-precision welding machine designed for the bench jeweler. New users become proficient at welding within minutes. Users with more experience can customize every aspect of the machine to fit their preferences. The Orion has two internal micro-processors that control every aspect of welder operation. This allows the jeweler to focus on creativity while the Orion ensures repeatable and safe operation.

The Only 3-in-1 Jewelry Welder (learn more). The Orion Jewelry Welder has been designed with three welding applications all in one high quality device. From high power welding needs such as silver, to intricate, precise welds around precious stones, the Orion has the flexibility to weld with power and precision. The Orion will save you time, money and space!

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About Orion Jewelry Welders

Orion Jewelry Welders is owned and operated by Sunstone Engineering – a leader in fine spot resistance welding. Sunstone Engineering is dedicated to providing superior high-tech products at affordable prices. Sunstone manufactures a durable line of fine-spot resistance welders and pulse arc welders. Sunstone welding systems are used in a wide variety of fields including research, manufacturing, and the dental and jewelry industries.

Sunstone Engineering’s products are used by many prestigious organizations such as Apple Computers, NASA, MIT, GE, HP, GA Tech, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and others.

Sunstone Engineering employs an experienced Ph.D. technical staff that is available for questions or support.