A product of Orion, AMT is a state-of-the-art ERP solution developed by leading
software engineers with over 100 years of combined experience in the apparel
manufacturing and technology fields. Supporting numerous customers in the NY
metro area that represent close to 100 global brands AMT is quickly becoming a
notable contender as “best in class” in the ERP solution arena.

Supported by Orion’s global network of resources, AMT fosters the best talent and
highest quality software engineers to ensure AMT remains an industry leader of
cutting-edge technology development. AMT prides itself on 24/7 “best-of-the-best”
customer service offering a team of knowledgeable professionals that exhibit both
technology and business acumen.

AMT was developed and built using the latest Microsoft technologies: .NET
Framework, Silverlight, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), SharePoint
Services, SQL Server and SQL BI Suite (Reporting, Analysis, Integration Services).
Our mobile enabled application runs on multiple mobile devices.AMT’s “learn one
learn all” design enables seamless adaptation by employees resulting in increased
productivity and profitability.

For nearly a decade the AMT team has been deeply committed to developing an innovative product for the apparel manufacturing and import industries. AMT has the power to easily integrate multiple functions across an enterprise into a single data processing system allowing for nimble and effective process management. Customizable and seamlessly adaptable AMT’s dynamic functionality lays the groundwork for improved collaboration,minimized downtime, reduction in cycle times and maximized efficiencies.

Fully EDI compliant, AMT is designed to enhance existing methodologies and can be tailored to meet the needs of any enterprise. All retailer EDI documents are handled within AMT’s core product. Our unique design and structure allows for customization of menus to suit a company, a department or user. Security can be structured by users, groups or down to a specific field. You will have total control of access to any of your information and as yourcompany grows so will the capabilities of your system.