Robert Osann is an Intellectual Property consultant, inventor, and veteran of VC-backed Silicon Valley startups – including co-founder at five and CEO at two. To date, he has 70 US and 5 British patents issued plus other patents pending.  Since 2007, he has sold a total of 10 patents and 10 applications to 5 different buyers in 6 transactions, including two smartphone patents, four semiconductor patents, two smart-home patents, and two e-marketing patents. Visit Osann IP Development.  Other patents offered for sale or license may be viewed at www.silaero.com.

Since 2008, Robert has focused his inventions on areas that benefit mankind. These include:
-> Multi-mode Weapon – Fewer killings of unarmed persons – US Pat No 9,921,018
-> Secure Entrance to Block Weapons – 9 patents – see: www.barbecan.com
-> Reduced Texting While Driving – 8 patents – see: www.safetexting.org
-> Earthquake Cell Phone – Locate people buried in rubble – US Pat No 10,070,249