Robert Osann is an IP consultant and inventor based near Seattle, WA. Except for consulting related to IP he has sold or licensed, Bob performs IP consulting as a partner with Nif/T, LLC (www.nif-t.net) located in Los Gatos, CA.

Bob has also been an expert witness in five litigations and has performed both validity and infringement analyses for a prominent IP litigation firm.

Bob was the founding CEO at two venture funded startups and a co-founder at three others.  With equal experience in both engineering and marketing, he is also an accomplished inventor with 61 US Patents issued and over 10 applications pending.  Since 2007, Bob has sold 8 US patents and 10 pending applications in five transactions to four different buyers, including the following technologies:

   - Smart Phones
   - Programmable Logic: DSPs, ASICs, and FPGAs
   - Digital Home Systems
   - Wireless Mesh Networking
   - Video Surveillance

For Patents available for Sale or License, visit www.silaero.com.
For IP consulting, visit www.osann.net.

...or call 408-313-1990