Netspective Opsfolio captures your risks, catalogs your IT assets, and documents your ops teams’ work. Plus it gives you an API-accessible central repository for sharing risks, documentation, and assets across systems. Use it to help prevent, detect or recover from security breaches.

Version 2.15.0 of Opsfolio has been released on January 4, 2017

    * Added grid/spreadsheet like editing capability to Vendors, Boundaries, Routes and Database instance listing. This will allow users to quickly edit/modify data.
    * Implemented blog search using multiple accounts and multiple users. The admin user can be able to search blogs based on accounts and users etc.
    * Provided option to add/edit User's Address and Phone Number in the profile page.
    * Updated Certificate - Task Reminder feature with certificate task relationship. Task reminder creation and updates will become more easier for the users.
    * Implemented filter based document download while downloading the documents by using 'Download all as zip'.
    * Provided an option to add documents to patch from patch history page. The user can be able to add documents to patches.
    * Added a feature to capture Documents in Incidents. The user can be able to add documents to incidents.
    * Updated Maximum raw capacity for Expansion Unit asset with GB, TB and PB options. The user can enter values based on these formats.
    * Fixed issues related with Task - Reminder mail.
    * Fixed IPad and Safari related style issues.

For more details, please visit: https://www.netspective.com/opsfolio/

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