Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams 2021 will be held between May 4 and June 10, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, announced in a live session on Thursday. The CBSE board exam results will be announced on July 15, he said. The CBSE date sheets will be delivered online at cbse.nic.in soon after the live session. Students should also check the official CBSE website cbse.nic.in for final 2021 datesheets for both theoretical and practical board examinations.

5 Most Effective High Scoring Preparation Strategy For CBSE Board Exam Preparation

1. Select the right time to start planning for your board exams
Though every student has different strategies so we can’t decide when each student should start preparing for the exams. Still, there is a common approach to exam planning that needs to be followed. Those who are not capable with the revision of the whole syllabus or have not finished the whole syllabus,  yet can start now to ignore the disappointment at the time of exam results.

2. Proper follow the timetable that will make your exam very easy

Without proper preparation, it’s almost impossible to reach your goal. Therefore, to make a positive preparation for the upcoming CBSE board exams, every student should prepare a proper study time table first and then make a habit to follow the same.

3. Sufficient time should be invested for self-study

After school or coaching classes, every student must segregate their time which he/she can devote completely for self-studies so as to analyse and practice the topics learned in school or coaching class. You should spare enough time so that you are able to achieve some prefixed study goals.

4. Follow the best study habits to excel in board exams

Every student has their own methods  which will help them to get the best results in the upcoming exams. Building up a study plan and sticking to it, being punctual and disciplined, balancing the academic and personal life are some of the good qualities cum habits, which a student must adopt.

5. Make a foolproof strategy to learn how to do answer for long question properly

It's a very much common query to all students that how to answer properly for log descriptive questions.

Every student should attend long descriptive questions for answering properly at home. The first long question should be divided into small parts and analysis should be needed then write the answer as per time period.

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