You are a specialist in your business and like every smart business owner you outsource the skills that you don't have in-house.  In the last century that tended to be advertising, legal & accounting.  Today you must include Website and Internet services and this is where Otec Promotions can offer unrivalled services at attractive pricing.

Founded in 1983, before the internet phenomena, we transformed into web based services in 1998, just before Google arrived on the scene.  Today we have English speaking staff spread across USA, Canada, UK and Australia producing in-house services and expertise like:
-  Website design.
-  Reputation marketing.
-  Reputation repair.
-  Search engine optimisation.
-  Pay Per Click management.
-  Video production.
-  Social media coordination and management.
-  Mobile compatibility.
-  Designing and making apps for both IoS and Android platforms.

Our staff are all native English speakers and our products and services are all carried out in-house.

Our customer base across four nations range from one-man businesses to multi branch corporations.  Our company motto is: Service first.  We will only ever take on one business in a niche in each area and never offer our services to competitors of our clients.  The fact that Otec Promotions has been in business for over 33 years indicates we are ethical.