OurHoaSite is unlike most homeowner association websites, we give you the power to maintain the content on your website. Many sites charge monthly fees for an association website and then charge extra for hosting, the domain name, updates and fixes, etc. OurHoaSite believes in letting you be the master of your own site.

OurHoaSite is a web based application that can be accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection (standard data rates apply). Each property is allowed one (password protected) admin account to maintain the data on their site. From the Admin section, you'll be able to enter your property and board information, list important service contacts and links, publish your newsletter, president's report, track important dates on the calendar of events and much, much, more! By maintaining your own content, you no longer have to pay for a developer's time to publish your information and best of all, your changes are immediately available on the site!