Salvation Enterprises, LLC, sells prayer cards and pictures promoting Our Lady of America. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a nun named Sister Mary Ephrem (later Mildred Neuzil) with the message that the people of America, and in particular the United States, should dedicate their lives to her purity. The Blessed Virgin Mary asked Sister Mary Ephrem to draw a picture of how she appeared to her on September 26, 1956, and asked that a statue be made of this likeness which is to be solemnly carried in procession and placed in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.. She wants to be honored their as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin and for it to be a place of special pilgrimage. She also asked that a that a picture or statue of how she appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem on September 26, 1956, to be placed in every Christian home to be honored and venerated. Sister Mary Ephrem's apparitions received the approval of Monsignor Paul F. Leibold  who was her spiritual director at the time and later became the Archbishop of Cincinnati. In 2007, Cardinal Raymond Burke submitted a positive letter on this matter. We also promote praying the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the twelve year prayer of St. Bridget, and Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary.