An online Virtual Gift Shop supporting independent spiritual and community nonprofit organizations with every purchase.

OurVirtualGiftShop.com is a turnkey solution providing a new source of revenue for nonprofits. Once affiliated with the store a virtual gift shop is established. OurVirtuaGiftShop purchases and stocks inventory per the requests of the affiliate organizations. Affiliates receive an ID.  The affiliated organization receives a percentage of every purchase made in their name.

The store, OurVirtualGiftShop.com, helps living souls surround themselves with the tools of spiritual, community-minded, and healthy living. The store currently offers Tibetan Singing Bowls, Mala and Rosary Beads, Inspirational Books, Spiritual Amulets and Jewelry, Statues of Buddha, Shiva and the Christ, Flower Essence for Peace of Mind. It even offers Healing and Healthy Hand Made Candles and Bath items to help relaxation. Drums, Runes, Tarot, Quartz Crystal Spheres, Pyramids, Merkabas and Healing Points used to increase energy and extend the healing reach.

Think of the possibilities as affiliates distribute their ID to their members and friends. Benefactors purchase quality merchandise at below average prices. The organization they support receives a percentage of the purchase price.  As volume increases,  and along with it efficiency, the percentages to the organization increase also. This association between retail and nonprofit comes with no risk to the organization. Organizations will never have to purchase inventory.  The store secures the inventory, maintains records, and distributes funds.  Affiliates receive a login account and can check their sales and commissions at any time.

Affiliates receive media kits to assist in leveraging their Virtual Gift Shop. Nonprofit organizations can join in a community of like minded organizations and share fundraising strategies using the store as a focal point.

OurVirtualGiftShop.com also offers an outlet for consignment sales. Organization members can convert items laying about the house and collecting dust into revenue for their organization. And again, at no cost to the membership or the organization.

In this difficult economy donations and revenues for nonprofits are down. Wealth is transferring to the youth. New methods of connecting with benefactors are required. With members everywhere feeling the pinch OurVirtualGiftShop.com offers a unique turnkey operation that requires not one dollar in investment and places no cost onto the membership. All that is required to gain revenue is participation.

Customers - members - will purchase spiritual, healing and community minded wares for their personal use no matter what the economy. Why not turn those purchases into revenues for the nonprofit? Proceeds support the organization’s vitality and stability to sustain operational costs, sponsor a community development project, or conduct outreach and fund the costs for printed and promotional material.

Interested in knowing more?  Drop us a line at Info@OurVirtualGiftShop.com or click on our Affiliate page link located on the left menu bar of our web site at OurVirtualGiftShop.com.