Established in 1986 by Russ Barnett, a lifelong horse lover and packer, Outfitters Supply™ began as a small company in Columbia Falls, Montana looking to provide practical solutions for the everyday challenges encountered by trail riders and horse packers. Originally designed to be a simple retail store, Outfitters Supply™ saw the need to reach people outside of its geographical area. In 1997, Outfitters Supply™ came out with its first mail order catalog. Expansion plans have further continued into the E-commerce world with the addition of our Outfitters Supply website.

Outfitters Supply™ currently houses a team of skilled professionals, working hard to provide you with a large selection of well made, high quality products at prices you can afford. Our knowledgeable staff members not only know horses and mules, but have our own. And like you, we love to go trail riding, packing and camping. We personally conduct extensive, rigorous field-testing in the Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness on all of our products before we sell them on our website. We don't carry a product unless we feel it is the absolute best of its kind on the market. Over the past 20 years we have learned that we don't just sell products, we provide practical solutions to enjoying your horses and mules in the great outdoors.

Our years of experience with horses allow us to know what works and what doesn't. The combination of our own experiences, along with many hours of research and customer input, helps us make informative decisions about which products we want to include in our product line. If we aren't completely satisfied with the product, you won't see it on our site, in our catalog or in our store. Outfitters Supply™ is committed to maintaining our reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality products that you can depend on and we will continually strive to exceed your expectations.