We provide instant life insurance quotes on our website, www.outlooklife.com, even for people with diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other heath conditions. We shop 50 companies to find the best rate for our clients. Our personal service and expertise in finding affordable coverage for people with health problems or other risk factors, sets us apart from other online insurance agencies. We also offer No Exam policies and outstanding rates for people with good health.

In addition to offering Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Indexed Universal Life insurance, Outlook Life also offers Disability insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and Annuities. By pairing our clients with the company that will give them the best health rating, we are able to save them hundreds to thousands of dollars, and provide a better return on policies that accumulate cash value. Always looking for a bargain, we delight in passing those savings on to our customers.

All agents employed by Outlook Life are licensed agents who are highly trained in field underwriting. Our business is incorporated as Outlook Holding Group, LLC. We have the highest rating by the Better Business Bureau and use extensive security measures on our website to keep all personal information safe. We never, ever sell any information about our leads to anyone. Period.

Outlook Life started business in Jan of 2002, incorporating and taking the name, Outlook Life, several years later. David Racich is the founder and CEO. Peg Mace was the first employee and is now COO and Senior Agent. Our employees operate from three small offices in Nebraska and Arizona.

We have developed partnerships with a number of websites, organizations, and individuals who are seeking our services for their clientele. We invite interested parties to contact us for educational materials, to ask us to come speak to your group, or assist your members in finding affordable life insurance coverage or secure annuties.

Doing business with Outlook Life is generally done over the phone or by email. We go the extra mile to be thorough, accurate, and make things as easy as possible on our clients. Please visit our website, www.outlooklife.com, to find out more about Outlook Life or to get a free, instant quote.