Ovation is a customer experience and engagement platform for brick and mortar businesses.

Brick and Mortar (B&M) businesses have no good way to engage with their customers. While online businesses know their happy customers and can live chat with their unhappy ones, there are 5M B&Ms stuck with using painful receipt surveys, antiquated loyalty apps, and good old fashioned complaining. As a result, B&Ms are getting blasted online with negative reviews (each negative review costs a business 30 customers!) and losing billions in repeat business.

Ovation changes all that. Consumers interact with our simple tools in the moment that incentivizes them to rate their experience and give their contact info. Then we enable business owners to turn unhappy customers into fans with instant SMS chat (funneling unhappy customers away form online reviews), fans into loyal customers with automated deals (while prompting them to leave positive online reviews).

Ovation customers get 2-3x less 1-star reviews, 5-10x more 5-star reviews, and 5-10% more revenue.