Truthful. Refreshingly honest. Highly biased. Conflict-free customer service that has been sorely missing from the real estate business for a long, long time.

In a nutshell, that’s the OwnACondo.com story, the best place to buy condos.

OwnACondo.com is a progressive, aggressive and highly consumer-focused condo-specialty real estate company on the rise to national prominence.

Currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the company also has offices in Miami, Florida with additional markets scheduled to open soon.

OwnACondo.com is an Exclusive Buyers’ Agency (EBA), meaning we devote 100% of ourselves to buyers. Real estate consumers are sometimes subject to potentially conflict-laden practices in the industry known as Dual Agency and Designated Agency,   but they’ll never run that risk when working with OwnACondo.com.

In Dual Agency, the buyer and seller are represented by the same agent in the same transaction. In Designated Agency, the buyer and seller are represented by two agents from the same real estate company, one on each side of the deal.

Although neither activity is technically illegal in the industry (and written disclosures to consumers are required when these situations are present), OwnACondo.com does not allow its agents to engage in either practice, thereby eliminating any hint of potential conflict.

Only an Exclusive Buyers Agent can show you ALL available properties in the marketplace WITHOUT conflict. Agents who take listings have a financial incentive to sell you one of their listings or one of the listings from their office.

Everything we do, every step of the way is geared toward ensuring that YOU the BUYER are properly and professionally represented in the condo-buying process!    

At OwnACondo.com we are market-expert buyers agents 100% committed to representing the BUYERS of CONDOS with a cold-eyed ruthlessness unmatched by anyone. Repeat: ANYONE in the marketplace today. PERIOD.

When you choose OwnACondo.com to be your EBA, you're guaranteed that we'll be working to represent your interests 100% of the time, NOT the seller's.
And if you are a seller, we can help by making a referral to a trusted company with whom we do business.

Contact us today to learn more. Drop us a line at info@ownacondo.com or give us a call, toll-free, at 866-696-2266.


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