Oxu Jewelry isn't just about delivering a product to its customers, it's about delivering an experience. Customers come for the rings and stay for the chance to have their ring handcrafted and tailored just for them. Whether it's one of our classic designs or a custom ring order that was submitted to our inbox, our goal is to make sure that each Oxu ring is made for its individual owner with the care and quality that jewelry buyers deserve. While many will see handcrafting rings as a productivity setback, we see it as an opportunity to give the rings a proper finish that machines simply can't. On top of this, unlike most rings, ours glow and don't require a single battery to do so. Made directly in our shop, our glow liners and full glow rings is made from premium glow powders that are capable of achieving the brightest glow for the longest duration. All you need is a few seconds of sunlight or half of that time with a UV flashlight to achieve a great glow that will last a considerable amount of time. We chose to use the same glow that is used in luxury Swiss watches to ensure that our rings receive nothing less than the top tier quality that we want to always ensure. One of our main priorities is being self sufficient, so a majority of our ring designs are created from material that we craft inside of our shop including the glow liners that give our rings their well outstanding glow