P-Pods by Ponix – How micro-gardens and urban farms thrive on rooftops & balconies year-round for conventional, semi-hydroponic, & fully hydroponic gardening. The P-Pods’ versatile, portable design protects from wind, insulates and uses less water.

P-Pods’ Features
▪     Low-profile design withstands high winds on balconies & roofs
▪     Double-wall panels: excellent insulation and diffuse sunlight
▪     Easy access: 2-way access panels - no swinging doors or lids
▪     Protection from insects, birds, rodents and deer
▪     For conventional, semi-hydroponic, & fully hydroponic gardening
▪     Lightweight and portable: Easy to assemble - only 6 parts
▪     Optional thermostatically-controlled heated irrigation system
WHERE to use P-Pods
▪     Small Urban Spaces: Balconies / decks / terraces
▪     Rooftops: Residential / commercial / institutional
▪     Restaurants: Proprietary herbs & greens
▪     Schools: Ecology, Biology
▪     Hospitals / Senior Facilities: Healthy food programs
WHY P-Pods
Live healthier and eco-friendlier:
▪     Grow and eat fresher, more nutritious, organic produce
▪     Grow specific selections of herbs and vegetables
▪     Maximize the productivity of micro-gardens and urban farms
▪     Use less water for gardening
▪     Save energy: fresh produce with no packing or transportation costs

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Christopher Wark, President, Ponix • cwark@pponix.com • 1.917.565.6919
www.pponix.com • P.O. Box 64 • New York, NY 10018