P2D is a unique business process company specialising in document solutions that turn ‘paper to data’.

At the heart of our strategy are four key customer objectives.
     Reduce costs, so increasing profitability
     Increase efficiency and corporate governance
     Business and IT Optimisation
     Environmentally Sympathetic/Reduce carbon emissions

The P2D Document Network, a global e-trading hub allows members to freely exchange documents, such as invoices and orders, whether in electronic or paper form. Whilst eExpenses is our intuitive and easy-to-use Web based interface that streamlines and automates the entire expense management process.  P2D’s on-demand solution enables employees to quickly create expense reports that supervisors, A/P managers, auditors and senior management can easily review, approve, process and audit online at anytime and from anywhere, hassle-free.  

P2D’s philosophy is to provide state-of-the-art document solutions at an affordable price to large, medium, and small-sized companies alike, via its economies of scale.  It outperforms the market on both price and performance with solutions that are flexible and configurable and provide not only the sending and receiving of documents but automation of any associated process that the client may require, from document imaging, approvals workflows and matching, through to full e-procurement. P2D’s solutions are developed outside client’s firewalls, sending data securely and directly into their systems – it is outsourced data capture at its most sophisticated.